The Arrival of Craps in America

Craps is a game that has been a part of American gambling since the early 1900s. Found in casinos from Vegas to Atlantic City and in almost every online casino in the world, both the British and the French claim they initially brought the game to America. If you want to find a suitable online casino site to play craps online, you won't regret visiting the site. Here you can read reviews about the best gambling sites in the USA and play for free thanks to casino bonus deals.

British or French?

During the time that the United States was being settled, the British and the French were both coming across the ocean in droves. It is thought that both of these countries had variations of craps unique to them at the time and that it was just one of the ways to pass the time on these long voyages. Some people believe that craps is derived from a British game called Hazard, though others believe that the game was derived from a French game known as Crapeaud.

The Movement of the Game

As more settlers arrived, some of the French made their way northward and others, including the British made their way down the Mississippi river toward the Gulf of Mexico. Both versions of the game were found in different parts of the country, and some historians believe that they were combined to create the game of craps as it is known today. As the US continued to expand and the first casino opened in Las Vegas, craps was among the games available.

Online Craps

With the advent of the online casino in the mid-1990s, craps was already a well-established casino game being played all over the world. It comes as no surprise, then, that every online casino, regardless of the location in which it is headquartered, offers some version of this classic game. These days, players can find endless strategies and betting plans simply by searching the internet with those respective terms.

Regardless of the country that was responsible for bringing craps to the United States, its spread was inevitable. A game that combines luck with excitement and the ability to win sums of money could not have been kept secret for long.